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Annual Forecast For 2019


Some of the trends we already felt in the last few years will continue also in 2019, and a few will get particular emphasis this year.

Starting with the farthest planet in the solar system, Pluto, the bringer of deep changes, has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will stay there till 2023. We may not feel it consciously in our daily life, yet we have learned by now to live with the feeling that the ground is not as stable as we used to think and to navigate better and better in a world that is constantly changing. The wisdoms collected along the way in the last decade will serve us well in 2019 as the landscape around us continues to change.

Saturn, as well, will continue its transit through Capricorn that started at the end of 2017, and it may provoke some objections to the changes. As it gets closer to a conjunction with Pluto toward the end of 2019, some backlash is likely to spring up from more traditional views and institutions for which the rate of change is too rapid. This will not stop the change, only add a layer of complexity.

During 2019, Neptune continues its stay in Pisces that started in 2011 and will continue till the end of 2025. This much subtle influence has a penetrating effect on perception and views. The Neptunian “melting” process we have witnessed in recent years, which almost did away with mutual agreements about anything, made the personal viewpoint the only valid viewpoint in the eyes of many. In that respect, it is interesting to note that Virgo, the opposite sign to Pisces, is focused on the minute details of things while Pisces looks for the unifying principle that would include everything. However, to get to the correct conclusion about the unifying principle, we have to research the details and broaden our scope and education. Otherwise, we conclude from a small amount of evidence some far-fetched concepts that may or may not be accurate. At that level, the coming year brings vast and varied opportunities to learn and educate ourselves in all sorts of ways and places, and the more open we can stay to hear multiple seemingly opposing views, the better conclusions we can draw for ourselves.

Which takes us to the closest-in of the farther planets, Uranus. Uranus moved into Taurus in May 2018 for about five months. Then, it retrograded back into Aries in November, and in the beginning of March 2019, it will move into Taurus to stay there for seven years.

Uranus’s stay in Taurus will have less of the fiery expression
it had during its stay in Aries (the Arab Spring was the most notable example), yet we can safely expect that shifts in the very things we consider “basic” will continue to happen frequently and often surprisingly. The sign of Taurus is closely connected to resources of all kinds, and Uranus’s time in that sign will change how we view and use them. It’s interesting to consider that one the most precious and important resources on the planet is humans’ attention, and clearly, everyone and everything is after this resource. The learning to gain during Uranus’s time in Taurus is how to manage that resource, i.e., what we choose to pay attention to and how much of our attention goes where so that we’re left with enough energy to do what we decided to do.

Which takes us to one of the most interesting conundrums of the coming year: While it may feel that we’re helpless to affect any change or control anything in our environment, government, country, neighborhood, other people, or the media, what we choose to do, be, and believe is as important as ever and will make all the difference in how the year turns out to be for us

The more personal view…

The following are highlights or main themes that each of us is likely to meet when responding to the influences that are coming in and metabolizing them.

– How you appear in the world is a central point that is emphasized at this time and then again in April, July, and October. Some of it will happen through career changes or being called upon to perform at higher levels of responsibility. However, that process is not disconnected from a profound change you go through that provides opportunity for old fears to melt away and releases you to a better understanding of yourself and your surroundings, including the people who are part of your life. At the practical level, ups and down in resources of income are likely to happen, with stronger shifts in May and June. The conservative take when it comes to work and making a living will work better this year, even (or especially) when you don’t feel like acting cautiously.

– While the coming few years are going to be very interesting in terms of personal changes, do pay attention to what happens in March this year when Uranus moves into your sign. Usually, this is the time of sudden changes that we feel we just have to make, and everything comes in to assist in making those changes. The harder work starts after the change when a whole lot of adjustments are needed to happen as a result. Opening new learning opportunities for yourself is also on this year, with possibly meeting people who do the same in other places, and expanding your reach in the areas that are important to you, from extending your knowledge to actually taking action and affecting other people who are in the same field. February, May, and possibly August will be times when things get intensified.

– The two areas of your chart that get emphasized this year are to do with personal transformation and changes that happen beneath the surface. At the same time, Neptune transits through the part of your chart that speaks of how you appear to others, and this may seem very different to how you feel. If you are in any position of responsibility, expect the people around you to try to guess your motives and second guess your actions. The big question for you this year is whether you know and/or are tuned to the changes you need to make in yourself and how reliable you can be when the changes happen. And, this may get to be challenging, especially around the time of your birthday, and then again around December.

– Your different partnerships get highlighted this year, and greater trust is placed in people you have known for a long time as well as in people in the same field as yourself whom you find easy to cooperate with. As you try to expand your reach into new learning, which will get stronger after March, there is great settlement and flow that comes when you are inside your own routines and inside the surroundings that support you. There is a lot this year that is very open to your own interpretation and action, and what you choose to do or avoid doing will have a greater effect than in other times. The first signs of direction can be outlined at the end of September, with an even clearer picture emerging in November.

– More of your long-time held convictions go through a melting process this year, as a subtle process of inner change continues. As you try to respond to what’s inside you and spend less time worrying about what others may think, you may appear erratic to the outer world. However, in reality, your stability gets stronger this year as you get to know your own mind better, and the bright light of loyalty that has always been there shines even brighter. The intense times of the year are likely to be around March and August, and in those times, your patience will be tried in more extreme ways than before, so be ready to be flexible or firm, as the case will need you to be, and rely less on what you think and more on what you glean in the moment.

– There is an interesting task for you this year – to find out what you really want and to go for it wholeheartedly. It may require you to expand your education or to change the way you come at things, and there will be times, especially in March and September, when it will be even more difficult to know what’s what. However, if you follow your deeper instincts and dare to move beyond what feels safe but is not rewarding, this year is going to be amazing. It may be as small as changing a corner of your home or as big as moving to a completely new place, but it has to have your wanting to do it and your genuine investment in what you consider important. October will be the best time of the year for you.

– Although you cannot rewrite what actually happened in your history, you can rewrite your take on it and/or your interpretation of it, and that is a major undertaking this year. It can happen as a result of deep work or in flashes of insight that take a moment and suddenly everything you thought you understood seems different. In either case, the process is of liberation, leaving you freer to do what you want to do next and to take up new opportunities that come your way. In the routine realms of life, things are likely to keep shapeshifting this year, and for most of the time, it feels that anything can happen at any given moment, so you have to keep agile and optimistic in equal measures. Brighter and more intense points of the year will be April, July, and October.

– An interesting journey to the smallest of details is awaiting you this year, and the focus will be (sometimes intensely) personal. All attempts to blame others are not likely to succeed this year, as it would seem that people don’t have the same tolerance they had before, and everything you want to do and take up has to start with you and with calculating risks and benefits to the best of your ability. Course corrections can be done in May, August, and November but will also have to depend on you and on what you manage to learn this year. At the same time, the rate of learning while thorough can also be very quick this year, especially if you do it with people you trust.

– As your historical views and perceptions slowly melt away this year, including views you didn’t even know you held, your actual surroundings start shifting – it may be a new job, or it may be a new routine you want or have to take up, like quitting smoking or eating better. Or, it may be a new mental pattern that you build. In all that, the motivation along with the result is to build better stability and reliability for yourself and for the people who are dependent on you, and the conditions are great to do a great job at it throughout the year. The particular combination of versatility and firmness that you will need this year can be best found when working with other fire signs. And, the times for questioning and corrections will be during March, June, and early September.

– With both Pluto and Saturn in your sign this year, the inner radioactive core is intact, and there will be almost limitless energy for you to act, which may be too much at times for the people around you. Finding channels for this energy will become most important, especially around April and July, which means ignoring the demands of everyone else and finding out what you would love to do or want to take up in a serious way. It can be a new form of art, which you never thought about before, or a project you always dreamed of doing and didn’t get to…. The important things is that once you open more channels of expression for yourself, there’s greater brightness that comes in and greater flexibility you have while dealing with inescapable minutia.

– Things are not what they seem for most of the year, especially when dealing with daily life and their requirements on you. At the same time, an intense process of ever greater creativity pulls you to spend your time creatively. Somehow, this year, unlike any time before, the two can live harmoniously side by side, or one on top of the other, and you can quickly move from what feels like one world to the other. The greater flexibility and movement is in you, so don’t expect others to be able to operate at this level of mental agility. The best times for investing greater energy for faster reactions will be in February and November. And, don’t forget to gather all your achievements at the end of the year.

– Your chosen convictions continue to go through a process of intense change this year. Only, this year, you’re expecting that there will be a physical and practical manifestation of the changes you have experienced before. It may appear in new cooperation with a group of people you haven’t met yet or in new ways to work people you already know. And, your own work as well as projects you’re taking part in will continue to change under the influence of Neptune in your sign. The bolder manifestations to the subtle changes underneath will become evident as the year progresses, with high points in August and in October. Best times for changing course will be March and September. Keeping an open mind will be essential in order to avoid mistakes.