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2018 Annual Forecast


It is tempting when looking at cycles to go back to when that cycle happened before and draw parallels to our time now. Only our time now is like nothing that had happened before, and being that the future is not a continuation of the past, the exact picture of the constellations, planets, and aspects that will happen in 2018 never existed before in the same way … so, here are some hints of what might await us:

The really big shift that happens during 2018 is the movement of Uranus into Taurus on May 15. Uranus is the emissary of the unexpected – the creative disruption, the wild card that changes everything. Seven years ago, when it moved into Aries, the Tohoku earthquake in Japan occurred, as well as the beginning of the Arab Spring that significantly changed the lives of many people. This does not mean another earthquake this year (although experts forecast those for 2018, regardless), but it may suggest some sort of major shift that a minute earlier no one could foresee.

While Uranus’s time in Aries caused major (sometimes violent) shifts to existing ways of thinking with a strong sense of “enough is enough” and calls for changes, its stay in Taurus is likely to bring the physical changes that result from the shift in patterns of thinking. On the bright and evolving side, we may find new laws that support progress, reconsideration of core values, and reinvestment in things that improve the lot of everyone. The sign of Taurus also represents resources, and Uranus’s time in that sign may cover the whole range, from resources we used to count on disappearing to discovery of new resources for energy that no one could imagine before.

The other big shift happened about a week ago with Saturn moving into Capricorn. Saturn spends about 2.5 years in each sign, and its influence is slow to be felt, so halfway through the transit, we usually start noticing it. Being in Capricorn, a sign it rules, Saturn may add heaviness and seriousness to any field that it affects (in your personal life, that would depend on where the sign falls in your personal chart). The demand for concrete evidence to any promise made may intensify, and in the absence of that, suspicion and mistrust are likely to become even more prevalent. In the personal arena, that transit provides ample time to consider the distance between words and actions and align them better, if we choose.

With Pluto continuing its transit in Capricorn till 2023, the Earth element will be accentuated in 2018, getting even stronger after May. This will have an interesting (possibly grounding) effect on our current culture that is consumed with screens and images and may be very challenging to some and very beneficial to others.


The following are highlights or main themes that each sign is likely to meet. Of course, shifts and ups and downs will continue daily, weekly, and monthly as the planets continue to move and the Sun changes its position.

Aries – While the invisible part of your chart continues to go through a subtle change that is affected by Neptune, the super visible part will come into focus this year and possibly into some questions that you’ll have to answer. Being true to your word and living up to promises you made will be a recurring theme this year in many different ways and at times may get to be very challenging, as you feel that everyone is literally “in your face.” At the same time, the results of your efforts and those gathered from previous years of hard work will be amazing and be recognized for what they are and for what you have become.

Taurus – This is a year of expansion for you and conquering new fields of knowledge. If you were considering any form of higher education, this can work very well this year. At the personal level, when Uranus moves into your sign mid-year, tastes, feelings, and plans may change overnight, and what looked like a sure thing or a clear direction you want to take may seem very different. This year will require from you greater flexibility than what you feel comfortable with, and at the same time, you’ll be able to leave behind things you no longer want with greater ease than you thought possible.

Gemini – An interesting year is ahead for you as the two areas of your chart that go through shifts deal with more profound internal changes. So, while it may seem that not much new is happening on the outside, the ground is certainly shifting inside, providing you with new insights and understandings about your place in the bigger picture and what you may consider important or not, based on a closer attunement to yourself. This does not mean there won’t be any outside turbulences and successes, as they will continue to happen with particular emphasis around mid-April and November.

Cancer – Pluto has been transiting the partnerships part of your chart for the last nine years, and as the shifts slowly build up, Saturn going into that same area will bring about the results of what you built so far. New levels of cooperation and collaboration are being made possible, and after May, also closer working together with bigger groups of like-minded people. Improved balances are also evident this year, and areas that felt fragile before become more solid and grounded. Specific boosts of energy happen in the beginning of April and October, when changes of your course are easier to make. 

Leo – With the emphasized Earth element this year, things move slower than usual, which gives you time (and abundant energy) to work the details and the ins and outs of anything that comes your way. While at times it may seem that there’s not enough excitement around, most of the time, working slowly and getting to things at a different pace will feel great, and the results will reflect that effort. After the middle of the year, things shift in your relationship with the outside world, and as expectations from you shift, you’ll have to shift accordingly. Interesting times are expecting you while the Sun is in your sign in July and August.

Virgo – The process this year enables you to delve deeper and spend more time in finding out what you love doing that is not dependent on anyone else. Almost unrelated to anything else that you have to do for making a living or maintaining your life, you’ll be able to explore what else there is that you want to pursue, and when the energies around, it will be easier to keep at it. You may choose to do some changes in your locale after the middle of the year, as opportunities will open up that are not visible right now. The practicalities will come later, so look toward September to actually make a move. 

Libra – Another level of sorting out your past is possible this year, and it may appear in different ways inside your dream or sudden memories of things you haven’t thought about for years. The important thing will be to know that these only happen so that from your better current view, you are able to sort them out and see things in a better perspective than you could. At the same time, subtle shifts continue to happen all the time, helping you to get a better grasp of what‘s going on first of all in you. The outside world seems to get more in focus in July and then again in October where actions will be required.

Scorpio – Strengthening your ties to your closer inner circle is a major theme that weaves through the year, and it will have times of more intense engagement in June and November. At other times, it will be in the back, but nevertheless present throughout the year. At the same time, balances shift significantly around the end of May, and plans that were in place may change or have to happen quicker than you thought. The energy to switch quickly will also be there, so you will be able to focus more on doing and less on thinking. On the whole, this is an action year for you, and doing will be most energizing. 

Sagittarius – A bit of a “re” is in store for you this year – rethinking, re-evaluating and rearranging your resources to match what you need now to do your job, be it your actual job or a work you chose to do in your spare time. The slow(er) building of what you need to actualize your plan is going on throughout the year with times of clarity and flowing progress (February) and times of hesitation (June). The steady progress will be easier to evaluate toward the end of the year. Like with other signs, actions and doing is the way to go this year, and this will get you the results you are hoping for. 

Capricorn – Saturn moving into your sign will affect you more than others, and already in the coming few months, you can get a clearer picture of what you really want and what sounded like a good idea but is not going to work. The first part of the year is the best time for you to get those realizations, and come June, you can make the changes needed to be more on track with what you actually want to do and want to invest your time in. The easement of shedding stuff you don’t want anymore will be stronger by November, and you can be much lighter by the end of this year if you put some effort into it.

Aquarius – Seeking to give form to the creative flow that passes through you continues this year. At times, great inspiration moves in, and at other times, you are not sure of what you want to do, which may be a bit scary. The best you could do is to try as many different things as you can as there’s great energy to support attempts and trial and error, but you’ll have to reserve judgment until after you try. Toward October, things become clearer, and new routes seem to appear that are not yet visible now. Sorting out old stuff that used to stop you is easily done during the summer months, so you can continue with lighter weight. 

Pisces – New collaborations with like-minded people open up for you this year, and things that seemed impossible to create suddenly seem very possible and very practical. The theme of improved communications gets another twist after May, when new contacts in your closer-in circle are possible, and new channels of communication open up that expand your immediate access in very real ways. The flow continues all the way through November, when there are some resets that will have to happen so that the new signals can be further established after that.