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Gemini is a positive, mutable, air sign ruled by Mercury.

If you have ever seen the phenomenon of metal mercury, the contradiction of liquid metal, it would give you the first clue into Gemini people - their ability to contain what seem like contradictions to others. They are capable of being very heavy and very fluid at the same time, keeping their convictions unchanged and yet willing to flow with whatever is around. Just as Mercury is still used in thermometers and other measuring devices of this kind, Gemini people are likely to be reactive to the temperatures around them and expand (smile, laugh, talk) with heat and retreat (become sullen or depressed) when treated coldly.

Metal mercury is a good conductor of electricity, but not of heat, suggesting that Gemini people are more easily swayed by ideas and visions, and not by relationships. Add to that the ancient Roman god Mercury, who had winged sandals and was responsible for bringing the messages of the gods, and you’ll see that Gemini people prefer jobs that bring “down” the edicts of the higher-ups and are quite happy to speak on behalf of others and to interpret their words and intentions.

Functioning as messengers, Gemini people (as well as Virgos, who are also influenced by the planet Mercury) are attracted to places and occupations where there’s a lot going on all the time and the flow of information is constant. Instant messaging and other types of modern communication technology were invented especially for them, so that they would simultaneously speak, chat with several people, read, write, and listen to music. Gemini people would probably be the first to read the research that says focusing on one thing at a time is a more effective way to do things, but they would think the research was done on other people.

As with Virgos, the other sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini people may tend to get bored and need to find lots of stimulation. This makes them interested in many different topics, and you will often hear from them unexpected bits of information. Being an air sign, Gemini people can shift quickly from one thing to the other and usually will not put too much emotional value into the bits of information they find, thus, delivering them quickly and generously to others.

The old myths that relate to the Twins (Gemini is a plural word) depict one of them as mortal and the other as immortal, which tells us that one of the tasks Gemini people have is to reconcile through active understanding and discernment the seeming contradiction between the transitory and the everlasting.