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Leo is a positive, fixed, fire sign ruled by the Sun.

A Hebrew maxim claims that it is better to be the tail of a lion than the head of a fox, and when looking at the characteristics we associate with the two animals, it is very clear why. At least with the lion, you are part of the happening and are going places.

Leo people do not usually need to work at being in the spotlight, as they were naturally born to inhabit the stage. And, unless someone seriously damages their self-image, they will find their way there sooner or later as a head of a company, a head of a family, or a movie star. Once you are part of a pride of lions, you need to behave, because there’s no room there for those who demonstrate foxy behaviors.

From a different aspect, the Sun is the center of our immediate environment, and life on Earth is completely dependent on it. The same Sun that beautifully tans you on the beach can kill in the desert without water. Similarly, you will sometimes see Leo people convinced that the measure of all things, as well as their existence, is dependent upon their saying so. If healthy, they usually grow out of this belief sooner or later. In any case, their presence typically makes a place shine brighter, so there is something to this belief.

Similar to the Sun that bestows more energy than it consumes, Leo people are sometimes generous to a fault and usually look for opportunities to share their warm and giving nature with those in need. It is interesting to remember that although the planets all revolve around the Sun, from our local perspective, it sometimes seems as if the Sun revolves around the Earth. So, be sure that when you deal with Leo people, you remember that they are not always there for you. And, by the way, when they are not, it’s not because the Sun disappeared but because it is now shining somewhere else. Remember also that from the Sun’s perspective, the planets are moving, so you will sometimes see that Leos expect others to change to fit their comfort, or complain if they don’t.

Being a fixed sign, Leo people, as other fixed signs, can be locked in their ways, repeating certain patterns that may not serve them or anyone else anymore. If you parent or mentor a young Leo and you want to help him or her  grow out of their centrist view that puts them in the center of the world, it is best to expose them at a young age to bigger propositions and goals. When they have that, they can use their undaunted spirit to be truly great leaders rather than petty dictators.

The time of Leo is the height of summer - the full fruition. Things are bursting at the seams with ripeness, which may indicate to us that Leo people need to constantly find others whom they can give to or teach so that the natural process of growth can continue.