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Sagittarius is a positive, mutable, fire sign ruled by Jupiter

“Aim at heaven, and you get Earth thrown in. Aim at Earth, and you get neither.”
This very Sagittarian utterance by C. S. Lewis, a famous English writer, contains both the aim, which is the Sagittarius archer’s purpose, and the lofty ideas that Zeus, the head of the Olympian gods, gives to Sagittarians.

Like all fire signs, Sagittarius is a positive sign and yang in nature, as Sagittarians are ready to go out into the world and benefit its habitants. And, while Aries would charge into action, and Leos would grace us with their presence, Sagittarians love to give out their wisdom and far-sightedness. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and mostly you will see that they try to persuade you to do for the greater good, not for them, and you’ll end up being very glad that you did. Their style of taking charge is usually subtle, as they prefer to recruit you to join a cause rather than to tell you that you have to do it.

As other mutable signs, Sagittarians are messengers and easy to talk to, and they easily share their findings with others. For them, it is more important that you get the “spirit” of the message rather than the exact details that Virgos would like you to have, or the small print that a Gemini can inform you about. Sagittarians, after all, are influenced by Jupiter, which is a very huge, gaseous planet, with many (64) satellites and is almost a sun. The spirit of things is much more important to Sagittarians than the details, which they trust you to figure out for yourself. This is also reflected in their ability to gather people around them and to provide a far enough aim so that all can aspire to achieve together. This makes them excellent leaders of others who are like them, but may cause high levels of anxiety in those who need confirmation for every step they take, or need all the i’s dotted in advance. 

The “mutables” appear last in each season, and in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the end of autumn and a descent into winter. Or, is it an ascent? With Sagittarius, it can be either, or both. What may sometimes seem as indecisiveness to others, for the Sagittarians, is an obvious easy way to togetherness. They learned from the ancient centaur how to combine practicality with high ideals, and they go for it, and if they fall, they get up and go for it again.

From the Olympian heights, things seem different, and while not aloof, Sagittarians will tend to dislike pettiness and find it very easy to be impartial. From where they look, there’s enough and a place for everyone, so there is no need to be petty. This striking, jovial feature may come across at times like a kind of nonchalance, which enables them to move smoothly from one thing to another. Don’t mistake it for lack of care or indifference; their ability to see the “big picture” already sees what lies behind the mountain that you are starting to climb now.

Sagittarians’ ability to shake off the minutia and to keep on going does not make them “easy.” When you speak with them, you’ll find that they usually are very principled and have clearly defined ideals that they hold. This enables them to move lightly and to wake up tomorrow with a new angle for tackling what they need to do. This also gives them the jolly laughter we often associate with Sagittarians and the charming appearance that when not dealing with important things, they are quick to joke and take things lightly, often taking themselves more lightly than anything else.