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Taurus is a negative, fixed, earth sign ruled by Venus.

A famous Taurean, Yogi Berra, said, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.” This intricate dualism reflects the nature of Taureans very well - in theory, they are stable, solid, and dependable, but in practice, they may sometimes be temperamental. In both, though, they possess an excellent memory and are extremely loyal.

When thinking of Taurus, the first image that usually comes to mind is the bull, from the one Zeus used to appear on Earth, to the old Disney depiction of Ferdinand, the bull that only wanted to be in nature and refused to fight, and to pictures of bullfights, where people stir the bulls to attack. These images tell us that Taureans are peaceful by nature until something causes them to stir, by which point anything is possible. The modern prevalent “bully” is misleading because mostly Taureans will not attack first but rather react, with nuclear (the opposing sign, Scorpio) intensity if necessary, to real or perceived threats.

Another image that remains in remote parts of the world is the bull helping people to toil their fields to grow food. This gives us another facet of the importance Taureans place on being able to provide and on their ability to work hard and long, not minding the “boredom” to get what they want or what they feel they need to provide.

As other Earth signs, Taureans are sturdy and physically strong. Being a fixed Earth sign, they provide steady, ongoing support and therefore are very good in parental-like roles. Venus, which influences both Taurus and Libra, showers Taureans with irresistible charm. While the Libras focus on relationships and nice portrayals, the Earthy Taurus will usually focus on nice artifacts. So, Libras tend to admire the Expressionists’ depiction of nature while the Taureans prefer to actually walk outdoors in nature, work in the garden, or collect Expressionists’ paintings for a rainy day.

Taurus is a negative sign, that is containing more than expressing. Not always will they be forthcoming with their views and convictions, but it is not because they don’t have them. They do, and being a fixed sign, they usually do not change them very easily, so you will have to change yours when dealing with them, or a conflict will arise.

During the first half of 2014 as Saturn transits Scorpio (their opposite sign), Taureans that were born in the second half of the sign will face some challenges that will force them to question their views. If thorough in applying themselves to change, they will come to the other side of this challenging time stronger than ever.