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Here is some of the feedback we have received in the last year...

"I sought out an astrological consultation with Lilac at a time of my life filled with uncertainty. The consultation provided answers to questions that concerned me in the areas of career, family, finances, and romance. For example, Lilac reassured me that I made the right career choice by connecting personality traits and personal interests to the typical requirements of the profession I am about to enter. It highlighted some themes in my life that I was aware of and offered new and interesting perspectives to consider, on a variety of topics. I would highly recommend Lilac to anyone interested in astrological consultations, whether you are looking for specific answers or hope for a more open-ended conversation."
O.S., New York, NY 

"Lilac skillfully combines cognitive and emotional intelligence with great professionalism in the area of astrology. The insights presented in the natal chart consultation she did for me were accurate and helpful. I was impressed with her clarity and directness. Lilac showed me different aspects in my conduct and behavior that were new for me, although at age 50 I thought I know myself thoroughly. I recommend her abilities and talent wholeheartedly."
E. L., Jordan Valley, Israel  

"The first part of my consultation with Lilac was a reflection of where and who I am in life, which helped me understand in a deeper way some of the subtleties that I often overlook. In this section a part of me I knew well was brought up and then a deeper alternate aspect was explored and illuminated. The second part was focused on looking forward in areas to be aware of for opportunities and challenges. Lilac's advice and insight in the part was refreshing, mind-expanding and extremely beneficial. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of self, is in need of advice and insight into the future or both."
E. S., Seattle, WA

"Dear Lilac, I would like to thank you for the excellent and to the point astrology reading. And thank you for making it so simple and clear. I felt I could also see what you were talking about and understand the signs, houses, planets and aspects. The consultation with you helped me put things into perspective and made me ponder other things. I am eager to meet the future and the changes that you mentioned. Foremost I enjoyed very much the easiness, friendliness and open-mindedness that our talk had."
T. K., Athens, Greece

"My consultation with Lilac into the phases of life helped me to contextualize my experiences, and gave me tools that can easily assist me in decision making when planning for the future. I now feel more aware of my personal tendencies and inclinations, and thus feel much more confident in my ability to understand and manage them.  My ability to choose what I want to have in my life is now strengthened and empowered."
I. W., Seattle, WA