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Virgo is an earth, mutable, negative sign that is ruled by Mercury.

Like the other earth signs, what you see in Virgos is not always what you get. There will be periods of growth that occur underneath while the surface looks the “same old, same old.” Don’t be misled by the seemingly boring non-activity. Flowers do not bloom in a day, and soon enough what is germinating inside will appear. 
Mutable signs are at the end of each of the four seasons. The Virgo’s time of year is the end of harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. The bounty of produce found in the height of summer is finished, but there is still plenty of leftover harvest for the gatherers, like in the biblical story of Ruth. True to their time of year, Virgos are naturally inclined to saving and not wasting anything, as well as detecting opportunities to get food where others only see refuse. It is also the time of year when things “have gone to seed,” so Virgos are able to distill the main points of anything and preserve them in their original state for later use.  

The negative (think Yin and Yang, not good vs. bad) polarity of Virgos appears in a tendency to be more introvert, and sometimes full of self-doubt. They feel comfortable near-by seats of power as speechwriters, advocates, and organizers, and they mostly prefer to leave the center stage and the limelight to others (Leos!) They would usually get to management positions based on their extraordinary organizational skills and sense of duty, not because of burning ambition. 
Mercury gives Virgos quick minds and excellent ability to communicate ideas. If you attend a class they give, you will remember the formulas presented for ever. They are accurate translators and can easily transfer information from one field to another. They sometimes are not able to tell what they themselves feel, as being too close to the sun obscures the view. 
Another symbol related to the sign of Virgo is the wheat – an ancient source of food, which reminds us that Virgos would be sure to look after the physical sustenance needed to be able to carry out higher callings. They would usually be up-to-date on diet, fitness and other health topics that affect our daily life and good energy flow.

Virgos are in a great place to expand their interests, take up new studies or travel to places they always dreamed of going and didn't get to yet. At the same time a slower process of change is upon their public persona and career and it is a great time to look closely at changes that they want to make.